Store Policies, Procedures & Ordering


Placing an order...
We are working on implementing a shopping cart feature, but until then, just email us with the item that you are interested in and your zip code (or country, if out of the USA).  We will promptly email you a response with shipping costs along with other details and options open to you. We currently accept cash, checks, and Money Orders for payment.

We also accept payments through Paypal...

Domestic purchases only
($5.00 min purchase is necessary
to use Paypal)

If you don't want to depend on ground mail to get your payment to us, we recommend an online payment service.  Payments made through one of them means we may be able to mail out your purchases THE NEXT DAY!  It's fast, easy, and safe! When you email us with the item(s) you would like, we will send back a confirmation letter that will list what addresses to use for the above services.

We have successfully completed thousands of Internet transactions and have built up quite a respectable amount of positive feedback on eBay.  You can trust us - our feedback from our satisfied customers is proof that we conduct ourselves in a professional, reliable manner.

Product Preparation...
   Every item we offer will be thoroughly inspected for condition and in the case of games or toys, completeness.  We'll list any and all defects that we find and any missing or substituted pieces.  Items with multiple pieces will have all pieces organized and packaged.  You will not be sent a box of loose rattling parts.  Items that have been repaired will be described as such and usually with the manner used.  Boxes that have split corners and the like will be professionally repaired and not just taped together.  Items that are dusty, dirty, etc., will be cleaned but only up to the point where the item might be damaged from the cleaning.  We try to use everyday words in our description of items because we realize that not everyone is a hard-core collector and might not know  hobby terminology.  Here's a list of some of the terms that we use and what they  mean.  All toys and games will be complete unless stated otherwise.

   Whether it's a rare trading card, boardgame, jewelry, mint comic, or anything else that you purchase, we will package it with care and give it the protection it deserves.  All items will be reinforced with cardboard and shipped in sturdy boxes or heavy duty envelopes.  Each package will also have a  'thank you' note inside along with an address should the outer addresses become illegible and the Post Office needs to open the package for information.  At least one of the addresses on the outside of the box will be covered with clear tape to protect it should the package get wet.

   We prefer to use USPS Mail and have had excellent luck with them.  We do reserve the right to mail your package other ways (UPS, FedEx, etc.) according to what would be the best value for the cost, and of course, depending on what the item is.  Insurance is an option and we highly recommend it for fragile items.  If you have a special situation or request, we will do our very best to accommodate you.  To make you feel more secure receiving packages from us, our store name, address, AND phone number will be STAMPED on the outside of all packages and we will securely tape all edges.

        Questions? Comments?
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