Tips for collectors


1.Always bag and board your comics.  It's cheap insurance.

2. When you bag the comics, put the flap at the top, not the bottom.  I had a customer tell me a story about how a box of his comics got soaked with water and the bags protected every one of them.  If they had been bagged with the flaps at the bottom, the water would have run down into the flaps and seeped inside at the bottom.

3. For long term storage in a basement, keep the boxes off of the floor by placing them on tables, shelves, or at least on pallets. Wrap each box with a large plastic trash bag to further insulate the comics from moisture, bugs, etc.  Also, if you are storing boxes of comics along a wall, do not butt the box against the wall or place a sheet of plastic between the wall and the box(es).  It's very possible that water could run down the wall and soak into the box if it is butted against the wall without some sort of moisture barrior (I had it happen).

1. Keep all cards that you value in individual card sleeves and/or top loaders.  At the very least, they offer protection for the card from fingerprints and in case you accidentally drop it.

2. Plastic pages only offer protection from dust and fingerprints.  Cards can still get bent very easily.  If you don't regularly view your cards or if they are valuable, don't use plastic pages for storage. Upgrade to top loaders or hard plastic card cases.

1.  To remove adhesive backed price stickers, heat them with a hair dryer and slowly peel them off.  Most of the time, they will peel off with no residue or damage to the paper.

2.  Got a game box with a split corner?  No problem.  Take some white glue and run a small bead along one torn edge and lightly tape the corner together.  Run a small bead inside the split and stand the box on end to keep the glue from running.  When it dries, remove the tape (carefully) and the repair will be almost invisible!

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